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Bay Area Interior Designer Kshama Shah

Infusing an Eclectic, Curated, and Refreshing Perspective in My Designs

Hello! So glad you stopped by. I’m Kshama Shah, Bay Area interior designer and master mixer of color, pattern, and texture. 

I’m on a quest to make custom interior design available to everyone — because I believe everyone deserves to love where they live.


Imagine waking up in a home that actually looks and feels like those Pinterest boards you’ve been filling.

You had great aspirations when you bought your home. Visions to bring it to life, to turn that blank slate into your own personality-packed spaces. But somewhere along the way, you lost steam.

  • Maybe you imagined a cheerful, colorful space — even brought a purse full of paint swatches home from the hardware store — but couldn’t quite commit. White walls felt safer for the time being, even if they’re totally not your style.
  • Maybe you fell in love with the open floorplan of your home, but now realize it doesn’t function the way you thought it would. You know you need more storage and better-defined spaces, but you’re just not sure how to create a design scheme that truly works for day-to-day life and still looks beautiful.
  • Or, maybe you love to shop — and you filled that virtual cart with unique accessories and decor that you couldn’t wait to style. But your bookshelves ended up feeling more cluttered than cohesive.
  • Heck, maybe you even connected with an interior designer somewhere along the way. But their style and vision just left you feeling...blah.

I hear you, my friend. And you’re definitely not alone.


In fact, that’s exactly how I became an interior designer in the first place.

I was so miserable in my first apartment, with its white walls and boring builder-grade finishes. It didn’t feel like home, and I craved that feeling of being snuggled up in a space that was undeniably mine.

So I got to work, scouring design magazines, wandering home stores, soaking up every bit of inspiration I could. And, while all of this felt like information overload to my husband, it made me feel alive! Color, texture, pattern, style — all of it. I couldn’t get enough. I was officially in love with the interior design world.

Fast forward to our first home...

I was obsessed with tailoring it to our lives and our personalities. (These walls were mine now. No landlord in sight — the possibilities were endless!)

I was so obsessed, in fact, I had everything ordered and ready to go — paint, furniture, accessories, you name it — before moving day.


I realized then that I had a gift for interior design.

Not just for seeing what was, but for envisioning what could be. For creating renderings and sketches, design schemes, and mood boards that brought the design vision out of my head and into tangible plans. Plans even the least design-oriented people in my life could get excited about.

And it made such a world of difference, living in a home that felt like us. Spaces that energized us, inspired us, and showed guests our true selves the minute they walked in the door.

(Even my husband admits the power of design — now that he sees firsthand what a difference it can make.)

Mishka28 2

It was because of that home, filled with warmth, rich textures, and bursting with personality, that I landed my first interior design client. 

Before I was even ready to claim the title of “interior designer” for myself.

A neighbor came to visit and immediately said, “Do you do this for a living? You should do this for a living. HELP ME!” 

So I did.

Turned out she had worked with a designer in the past but parted ways before the plans were carried out. She didn’t feel seen. Though those initial plans were beautiful, they weren’t her.

And isn’t that what we all want? To have a home that feels like us?


That’s the moment I knew I wanted to be an interior designer. 

In hindsight, it should have been an obvious path. I was always a creative kid. I loved painting, drawing, photography — still do.

And the design world wasn’t new to me. My mother is an architect back home in India, and I remember, as a little girl perched on a chair near her desk, watching her draw up elevations, select finishes, and design interiors someone else would get to live in.

Still, in college, I went a different route —  earning a Bachelor’s Degree in physical therapy. I practiced for a few years, and I loved the kids I worked with. But the interior design world kept calling me back.

And when I saw the looks on my neighbors’ faces at their design reveal — when I heard that their son slept in his own room for the first time in years because he finally had a space he loved — I knew design was what I was meant to do.

Because good interior design is about so much more than pretty spaces. It changes lives.

So, I’ve been working hard ever since. 

Designing my own second home from the ground up. Creating the optimal floorplan, designing custom built-ins and architectural details, and curating a home that reflects our unique style, inspired by our travels to Paris and Santorini.

I’ve spent years studying the industry, earning an interior design certification from the New York Institute of Art and Design. 

Years assembling a team of trusted contractors and trades for local interior design projects here in the Bay Area. 

And more recently, I’ve been building my virtual design business to offer custom eDesign solutions for clients across the U.S.


There are a lot of white walls in this world, my friend.

But if you’re looking for an interior designer who loves color, who isn’t afraid to mix patterns and texture, who can create that rich, eclectic look you’re always drawn to in your favorite stores and magazines — I’m here for you.

I’m all about maximizing your home’s functionality and architectural details to create a space that’s timeless, curated, and a true reflection of your inner world.

My team and I work locally, providing full-service interior design in the Bay Area.

From kitchen and bath renovations to whole-house remodels or new build construction, our design team is here to support you every step of the way and create your dream home.

I also create custom virtual interior design solutions for clients throughout the U.S.

If you’ve been longing for a more inspiring home — one that’s rich, layered, and one hundred percent you — let’s connect. 

Because you deserve to love where you live.


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