Spring is just around the corner and the color that is fundamental to all plant life will blossom in all its glory. Yes, I’m talking about the color Green which is my Color of the Month in anticipation of the lush greenery that we all will be surrounded with in the coming weeks with the advent of Spring!

The green spectrum gives off a variety of vibes as you can see from the mood board above. It can go from calm and restorative and all way to vibrant and energizing. Green is understood to be the most restful and relaxing color for the human eye to view. And what better time of the year to add a touch of green to your home than in Spring time. 

Now, by far the easiest way (and you must have already guessed it!) to add green to your space is plants. But hey, it doesn’t end there. Quite the opposite in fact. 

There are numerous ways you can bring in green color into your home and I am going to share with you my favorite ways to add green to your space.

1. Cabinets

Cabinets can make a great way to add a splash of green to your kitchen. It’ll instantly uplift the space and gives off a soothing and calming vibe to your eyes all day long. Its a great way to give you a custom look. Painting your old cabinets or picking custom cabinets with one of the more popular green colors can do wonders to your kitchen. 

Historically speaking, the color Green has been and continues to be of great significance across generations and cultures. It’s been synonymous with the very essence of life, vitality and rebirth. The Irish mark it as the color of hope and faith (I’m sure you must be thinking about St. Patrick’s Day parade and the flurry of green that comes with it!) and several cultures also associate green with stability. 

2. Built-ins

Next up on my list are built-ins. 

Pulling a green on your built-ins can make your spaces stand out and draws your eyes towards it. A thoughtfully selected green in your living room, mud room, office or library built-ins is an excellent choice. Different shades of green gives different vibes and what is key is to pick a shade, whether darker or lighter, that will echo the mood that you want the space to bring. 

Still a little unsure about how to bring in green into your home? Start with softer shades and then build upon them and deepen them. A beautiful example would be mint green which makes for a great accent wall color or a soft cream and sand/sage hue keeps the palette feeling natural and grounded. Soft variations of green makes for a perfect setting for a calm and beach-like vibe.

3. Accent Wall

Looking to add that zen feeling in your space? Lighter/softer shades of green will make an excellent choice. What’s better is that it will add a touch of minimalism and modern feeling while opening up the space. Alternatively, on the other end of the spectrum, darker shades of green are a perfect choice to make the space bold, confident and modern. It instantly creates a sense of elegance and class, almost like making a statement. Green can be incorporated by way of accent walls in your home. As an example, accent walls with a lighter shade of green is a perfect choice for nursery because they give a calming and relaxing vibe. Want to go bold? Go for a darker shade of green to make that bedroom accent or feature wall stand out and make that bedroom feel even more cozier. 


4. Tile

Now lets see what a touch of green in your tiles can do. 

Green may sound a bit unconventional color for tile but given the great selection of green tile available in the market, I can say it makes for a great choice for backsplash. Even more so if you have grey cabinets because the green-grey combination is an instant hit as you can see from my green & grey moodboard. With the relaxing feeling that green is known to create, it makes for a unique pick for your bathroom too. When I was designing my home, I thought long and hard about what color to pick for the shower surround in one of my bathrooms. After going through several color options, my eyes caught this perfect green glass tile and as you can see from the picture above, I couldn’t be more happier with how it turned out and totally transformed the look and feel of the bathroom.  

5. Faux Plants

And yes, not to forget out green friends, bring in some plants… or better still, faux plants. 

Do you love having plants in your home but with the busy lifestyle that you have, are unable to commit to the upkeep? Or you want some leafy greens in your home without the hassle of maintenance that comes with it? Faux plants are here to the rescue! Live house plants can be a tricky affair to manage. Faux plants on the other hand are your ‘fire and forget’ remedy. Having used several faux plants in my own home, I can say they make for a great no maintenance, always fresh look in your house. On top of this, faux plants have improved so much over the years that now you can barely tell the difference between a real and a faux plant. Plus they stay green all year round! Soothing to the eyes during those grey winters and equally uplifting during spring/summer time, faux plants are one of your best options to bring in some green into your home. 

So with all of these great options to bring in a bit of nature’s green into your home, which ones are you going to pick?