We all love color and everyone has their favorite color like blue, green, yellow, orange to name a few of the popular ones. But what about neutral colors? They generally don’t get the same attention and love as the others. We tend to feel that neutral colors are very dull and unattractive so we skip them from our shopping list. 

But surprisingly, neutrals are very versatile colors and neutrals are a great pair with any warm or cool colors. Neutrals include white, grey, brown/beige, black, desaturated purple, wood color. Actually they are the foundation of any color scheme just as you talk about clothes, wall colors, fabrics, textures, pots & vases, and specially in interior design because neutrals are coming from the nature/natural materials like sand, stone, dried wood, dried leaves, charcoal, blue slate, exposed brick.

Natural materials because of their earthy tones gives homes/spaces a warm touch. Bringing in colorful neutrals to your design by the way of wall color, fabric options, texture, decor pieces and accessories will make a very impactful statement. Natural materials feel neutral because we associate them as being that color. 

So next time, do not hesitate to add some neutrals into your design, you will see the difference!