An empty and blank wall at the end of a hallway feels very cold and unappealing. To give this space some warmth, I decided to convert it into an art wall with a curated selection of boho/mid-century art pieces and a picture light to highlight this artwork. I accessorized the space with a bench, throw pillow and a serene statue to add some seating where one can sit and talk about the art pieces. Just by adding this feature, the hallway now looks dramatically different and it gives you a feeling that you are walking through an art gallery. 

Blank walls in your hallways, foyer, end walls can be treated like a blank canvas and adding creative art pieces can have the potential of transforming the look and feel of the space in addition to adding warmth to the space. Use it to showcase your favorite art collection to make a great statement.

You will instantly notice that this has the impact of changing the whole lookout of the wall/hallway. Always use picture lighting to bring your art into focus. This is an excellent and creative way to utilize such blank spaces/walls. 

Can you think of some spaces in your house which you can beautify with an art wall? I’d love to hear from you about that!