Daring and bold, the color red commands attention. Red is a very versatile color as it can be stimulating and powerful or it can also be tempered and rosy. Whenever I think of reds, I associate it with home and happiness, good luck, positivity and good fortune. 

A very crucial aspect to keep in mind when using red in your color palette is to choose your favorite version and shade keeping in mind how it makes you feel. Reds always add warmth, depth and dimension to your designs. If you are thinking that reds can be overwhelming, you are probably imagining the more saturated version of red so think about tints, tones, layers, finishes and shades of red which will open up endless opportunities to then give you the opportunity to incorporate reds in your design.

To give you some examples of how reds can bring in a different dimension to your space, a brighter and more saturated red can liven up a neutral space whereas a softer version infuses calmness and makes the space feel cool and refreshed. The best use of reds come in when the idea is to entice, intrigue and invite without overpowering the visual senses. Accents of red can be used to draw attention to things that you may otherwise not notice. 

Reds can be incorporated in your design using various elements like baskets, vases, bedding & upholstery, lighting, painting, rugs, wallpaper, paint color, cushions, dinnerware, window treatments and the list goes on…

I’m going to share my 5 favorite ways in which you can infuse red in your design.

  1. Vases

Decorating with vases can add elegance or charm to a room and they can fill empty spaces or corners in a decorative manner. To take it one step further, adding a red vase in your living areas can make the space feel bright and cheerful. They can be eye catching and become great conversation pieces! Red vases give a beautiful pop to your rooms and can uplift and enliven the overall mood of the space. 

2. Wallpaper

Wallpapers are almost always an excellent choice to dress up your entryway or as a feature wall. Using a red color wall paper in your entryway can make the space feel more welcoming and project a feeling of energy and good luck. Think about adding red color wall paper in areas of transition like hallways to bring in liveliness and excitement. You can even design a feature wall with ared wallpaper to make a visually stunning statement! 

3. Lighting

Have you ever thought about using red in your lighting? If not, then adding hints of red in your lighting elements like pendants, lampshades, sconces can uplift your space and add pops of color that unmistakably draws attention and can make for great statement pieces. As an example, a red lampshade in your foyer is a great place to showcase and creates a collected vibe. Or consider incorporating red pendants in your kitchen to naturally brighten up the look.

4. Bedding

Bedding is a key element that enhance the look and feel of your bedroom and red color bedding can incorporated in your bedrooms to uplift your space. Bright red bedding goes great in kids bedroom as it keeps things fresh, lively and cheerful. Lighter version of red bedding in your bedroom or guest bedrooms can make the space feel calm and relaxing. Picking the right shade of red in your bedding can do wonders to the appeal of your bedroom.

5. Area Rugs

Vibrant red area rug can be an excellent way to pull together an otherwise neutral room. It ties the room together and enhances other colors in the room through contrast. Keep the area balanced by adding a different color, maybe a mid tone, connector color or even a darker neutral. 

To sum it up, red can be a great color and infusing it in various elements in your home can enhance and uplift your home. Use it to energize a neutral palette, refine a rustic look, add a modern and contemporary touch… where a red shade goes, liveliness is sure to follow.