A clean entry into a home is essential and I’m sure you will agree that you don’t want to open your door to a mess. A well thought out entryway can increase the charm and functionality of your space and you can do this by following some of the ideas that I’m going to talk about. 

First off, don’t treat your entryway area as a dumping ground. Keep only what is essential for your daily use and remove any items that are not used frequently. Whether its a small entry space or a large entryway, there are a few essential items that you can incorporate that will help you and your guests to make a useful and clutter free entryway. 

Storage is of course essential for any space in the house but here are some more key items you can add to your entryway to make it more functional and charming:

  1. Storage Cabinet
  2. Mirror
  3. Storage basket
  4. Trays, wall hanging shelf for holding your keys and mail
  5. Coat hanging rack
  6. Plants, books, your favorite pictures or frames, clock and other such items can be added to make the space or entry nook more appealing

– Storage cabinets can be used to store away essential items. Bonus points if you are able to add a storage bench that will double up as a bench seating to put on/take off shoes and as a storage area.

– A mirror is useful for that one last look before you step out of the house

– Storage basket or a sturdy tote can be used to hold some daily essentials like scarves and hats, etc.

– A coat hanging stand/rack is weather essential and extremely useful to hang coats as soon as you or your guests enter the home

– Trays and wall hanging shelf can be used to organize your keys, sunglasses and mail for easy access  

– Keep a bin to hold umbrellas/yoga mats for easy access plus you won’t forget to grab them on your way out

– A whiteboard/chalkboard can be used to take down important notes and messages 

To sum up, you can get really creative with smart storage solutions and organize daily essentials in your entry way to create a neat, functional and inviting space as soon as you enter the door of your house.